Getting Ready For Summer

by The Adventure Kids

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released April 7, 2015



all rights reserved


The Adventure Kids Youngstown, Ohio

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Track Name: Space Kid, You Can Change The World
I am just a little kid
Flying on a rocket ship
To a disclosed location in outer space
But when I get There I'll Be Big
I'll be grown up I'll be brave
But for now I'm just a kid in space

And I'll be tough and I'll be mean
The coolest man you'd ever seen
Flying ten thousand light years away
And I don't know my destiny
Cause it's hard to see whats ahead of me
But I'll come back to earth and save the day

Cause I'm the experiment
The first person to try this
A feat in modern science
I could be the last hope of the human race

Now is it really that absurd
How one kid can change the world
But anybody can make that difference
So throughout your entire life you live
Give everything you have to give
Let the whole wide world know you exist

Cause you can do anything
Follow your heart and your dreams
Stop for no one or nothing
Cause you could be the last hope of the human race

No one said it would be easy
In fact they said it can't be done
No one said it would be easy my friend
But they don't know what your capable of
And you don't know what your capable of
So believe in yourself
Fight the good fight
Try your best until you die
And please, never give up
Track Name: Waterfall
I want candy in the morning
I wanna go to the woods and walk on all the trails
and if we cant find them we'll make our own
Walk in between the trees straight up to the creek in water up to our knees

And We'll hang out by the waterfall
We'll live peacefully We'll live for one and all

I wanna feel useless I wanna feel far out
I want to experience something I never felt
I want to feel free I want to feel alive
I want some sort of inner peace to follow me all of the time

So lets hang out by the waterfall
We'll live peacefully we'll live for one and all
Track Name: The Brains, Looks, And Wildcard (And Breezy!)
Luke's a libertarian and I'm a pescetarian
And Tyler is somewhere playing lacrosse with all the kids
And we all love attention but in different ways
Lukes gonna impact the world with politics while I'm up on a stage
Making sure that rock and roll is still alive
And I really hope that Tyler becomes a porn star before he dies
The brains, looks and wildcard well I guess that's what we are
And I know that we're all gonna change the world
And together we're invincible unless we succumb to the inevitable
And Breezy is the one whose really good at art